The Work

Tammy is around 15-year-old mixed Pony of the Americas (POA) Equine who has been living at Dun-Pikin since 2012. While Tammy will participate in the lesson program, she is not a fan of Pony rides. The same goes for EAP work; she is beautiful one-on-one or in small groups but would prefer to refrain from participating in large therapy groups. Tammy has a bold personality, and she is not afraid to be her authentic Equine self. Her humans will say, "You know where you stand with Tammy." She has a profound gift in EAP to give patients exactly what they need to feel during sessions, whether cuddles and tons of validation or some lessons regarding patience, Tammy hardly misses. Tammy sometimes gets pushed around in her herd and won't stand to be bullied by others. You will see her advocate for herself during feeding times, and she's never met a treat she didn't like.

Tammy (she/her/hers)