The Work

Marley is a 23-year-old, "Hines 57 Mixed Breed" Gelding standing at 16.2 hands who has been living at Dun-Pikin for over 15 years. Marley was rescued from a breeder who called him "Red Gelding" and, due to his upbringing, it took Marley some time to acclimate to people and his new home at Dun-Pikin. With patience, consistency, and love, Marley has fully adapted to the lesson program at Dun-Pikin and is ready to begin supporting the Equine Assisted Psychotherapy programming. Marey has a gentle disposition, a calm energy and will "let you know where you stand with him." He prefers the outdoors and is described as an Equine who requires time and consistency to trust new humans and let his guard down entirely.

Likes: standing in his corner under the cover beside his buddy Molly, gentle rubs, being first in line for feeding time, and stealing grass.

Population: Kids, teens, and adults. Trauma.

Marley (he/him/his)