The Work

Lily is around 15 years old and is guessed to have some quarter horse in her lineage. She came to live at Dun-Pikin in 2010 from her home in Ohio. Due to some trauma to her ear from when she was a foul, she is sensitive to touch on the left side. Lily's horsonality is mellow and has been known to be "no drama."  She has an easy-going temperament, which makes her a great fit for the Equine Assisted Psychotherapy programming at the farm. She has a love for baby carrots and crunchy peppermints (not the chewy ones). She hates to get her feet wet, and would prefer to be out in the field with her herd than in the barn. Due to her gentle nature, she is also a trustworthy lesson horse and a great Equine companion.

Lily (she/her/hers)