“It Is In Our Darkest Moments Where We Have To Focus To See The Light”
-Aristotle Onassis

Brandy Murphy, MPH (She/Her/Hers) Practice Manager

The Work

I am a Masters level Public Health professional specializing in Practice Management since 2012. I have managed assets for the United States Government, Community Mental Health facilities, Primary care and Pediatric facilities. I graduated from Wright State University with degrees in political science and health promotion and a master's degree from Walden University in public health.
I am passionate about serving vulnerable populations and making mental health services accessible regardless of obstacles placed by society. It is my goal everyday to make sure those that need assistance receive it. I enjoy doing all the unnoticeable work that is needed to make operations run efficiently and smoothly.
I am very excited to join a successful practice with a progressive mission focused on patient services and expanding to meet the needs of both children and adults.



Master Of Public Health
Six Sigma Yellow Belt

The Long Fix: Solving America’s Health Care Crisis with Strategies That Work for Everyone-Vivian S. Lee, MD
The Political Determinants of Health-Daniel E. Dawes
Make America Healthy Again-Nicole Saphier, MD


Adoption Experience, Multicultural, Biracial, Disabled Person, Neurodivergent People, Person of Color, Single Mother, Individuals on the Autism Spectrum, and Women


Fun Facts

I live a few hours from the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico so I take full advantage of both opportunities from spring till fall. I love spending time with my baby and seeing the world through his eyes. I plan to visit Paris and eat my way through the entire city because who doesn’t love bread, wine, and cheese?